22 Jul 2011

Long overdue update!

This blog has been shamefully neglected over the last few months. Too many deadlines! In the hope of putting that right, here's an update of recent work.

Radio Times - Listing for the play '40 Year Twitch'

Hollywood Reporter - Scientology property grab

Images for a weekly agony aunt column

IBWorld Magazine - Teaching kids Russian through song

Moneysense - Unruly market

American Lawyer magazine - Indexed firm migrations

Best Western magazine - Crime fiction

The Observer - Coalition's damaging financial policy

Mckinsey - Evaluating medical staff

TLS - Higher Education at risk

29 Mar 2011

Time magazine

Commissioned for Time magazine, for an article on 'things that make us feel better'. In these two examples it's 'sharing via the internet' and 'solving the (US) deficit'.

4th dimension librarian

Commissioned for IBOWorld (International Baccalaureate Organisation).
The brief was to reflect the multidisciplinary roles of librarians, hence the escher-esque library.

for an agony aunt column


self initiated

10 Feb 2011

The Broken Hearted

For an agony aunt column.

Alcameon in Corinth

Commissioned for the Radio Times, for a BBC Radio 3 play listing. Here's the blurb - 'Colin Teevan's play Massistonia is a timely tale of Western hubris and Eastern European manipulation of the system, loosely based on his own ill-fated trip to Macedonia to direct a major theatre production, interpreting an ancient greek text.'


How Happy Are You?

Commissioned by The Big Issue for an article on the possibilities psychologically measuring happiness. The brief was for an 'infographic' type of image.  I like when simple elements can convey an idea. Hopefully this one manages it. I was happy for at least an hour after sending this.

The Desert War

Hello! To get things started, some work that was done a few months ago, but has only recently been published. It was commissioned by The Folio Society for the boxed edition of 'The Desert War Trilogy' by Alan Moorehead. I was lucky enough to be asked to produce the illustrations for three covers and the box. Folio produces beautifully made collectible editions, so to to see the printed results is a real thrill. These books are screen printed and bound in buckram.